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Our Mission is to increase the overall well-being of the elderly by introducing them to our wonderful therapy dogs in the comfort of their own homes.



We are always seeking new therapy dogs to join our Caregiver Canines team. These one-on-one visits in the senior citizen's home are a great way to put your dog's skills to good use.

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Check out the our video to learn more about the program and see the effect these amazing dogs have on the people they visit.


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Caregiver Canines featured in Good Dog

Check out this great article written by our Executive Director, Lynette Whiteman.  She really covers the basics about getting your dog trained and what to expect once they become a therapy dog.

"Fers" takes a break to relax after training by Nick Despotidis and his wife Terri to become a service/therapy dog at their home in Manalapan, on Sep 17.

Milltown, NJ is ready to spread the love…

Caregiver Canines bring joy through therapy dogs  


Caregiver Canines Featured in Chewy blog! is an online pet supply company that makes getting things for your pet easier.  They recently featured Caregiver Canines in a blog about “Pets Doing Good”.  Click on the link below to check it out!

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