About Us

What is Caregiver Canines?

Caregiver Canines was started in 2009 as one of the free services provided by Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey to homebound senior citizens in Ocean County.

We bring joy and companionship to the elderly, home-bound, and those with dementia by providing them with therapy dog visits. A certified therapy dog and their handler are matched with a senior to make one-on-one visits in the comfort of their own home. Visits take place once a week or once every other week and last for about an hour.

Why is Caregiver Canines unique?

  • Most therapy dogs visit institutionalized settings like hospitals and nursing homes.
  • We visit people in the comfort of their own homes and they receive one-on-one attention.
  • These visits allow a special bond to form between the dog, the senior and the handler.
  • Dogs are known to reduce stress and loneliness and improve the health and self-esteem of those they visit.
  • These visits are also beneficial to people with dementia because the dogs can help trigger memories of the past.
  • This program brings together those who share a mutual love of both dogs and people.