Love Stories

John and Lucy- The Sofa Session

Charlie and Rose Marie

Bitsy and Bernice

Helen and Earl

This is a story written by one of our handlers Frank about his dog Earl and his friend Helen.  Helen was legally blind and had multiple health concerns.  She peacefully passed away a month ago.  Earl, Frank and Helen has a very special relationship that is best described by Frank…
  My love story is about Earl and Helen. The time spent together was more than just visits. Earl was a nephew visiting his aunt, or a grandchild visiting grandma. Helen had his water dish filled, his toys ready and lots of treats, all set for her Earl. She so looked forward to our visits. Earl loved his time with her. He would run up to her and give her kisses and then sit and wait for that first treat.
     Once his belly was full, he would lounge by her chair as the adults just chatted. We are placed where we are needed at any given time. The bond that was created between the three of us is an everlasting one. Earl loved Helen, Helen loved Earl and I loved Helen like a family member. She carries a special place in our hearts. I know she is smiling down on Earl and myself.

Miriam and Bandit

Miriam and bandit

Lori Bandit MiriamMiriam is 99 years old and has been living in Toms River for the past 25 years.  Miriam was a “war bride” and speaks proudly of her husband’s service in the Tank Core.  Miriam likes to stay active doing crossword puzzles and spending time with her family.

Miriam fondly remembers loving animals of all types.  Lori and Bandit visit “Aunt Mim” as much as possible.  Even if Lori can’t visit she still calls Miriam to check in.  Bandit likes to bring his toys when he visits and Miriam enjoys giving him warm hugs.  They have truly become a family.