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Bitsy is 6 1/2 years old and is primarily a mix of yellow lab and basset hound.  Bitsy is a rescue dog. She was rescued from a North Carolina Shelter when she was pregnant with a litter of puppies. She was rescued, from being put down, at the last moment, by Wag on In Rescue.  She then promptly delivered 9 puppies, before being transported to New Jersey.

Bitsy's family needed a dog that got along with cats.  When they met her at her foster home she fit the bill and it was love at first sight.  When she was delivered to their home, she acted like she belonged immediately.  Her favorites activities are napping, going to the park or beach,playing with her humans and of course going on therapy dog visits.

Bitsy's family knew she was therapy dog material because of 2 instances. The first time being when her dad brought her to visit her mom when she was in the hospital. Everyone wanted to meet her, and she wanted to meet everyone.  The second time was when her mom had an accident, and was bedridden for 6 weeks..  Other than for walks, the dog refused to leave to her mom's side.

If Bitsy is elected mayor,  she promises kisses and smooches for everyone.

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