Vote Diego, A Therapy Dog You Can Believe In!!

Diego is a Southern Gentleman, his ancestors hailing from the bayous of Alabama, whose parents were of Coonhound and Spaniel lineage.  Diego was born in a rural animal shelter where his great intelligence and outstanding temperament led a NJ rescue group to help him make his way north to find his forever family, pursue his education, and discover his life’s purpose as a therapy dog.

Diego arrived in NJ at 6 months of age, and now, 8 years later, is an accomplished Spokes Dog and Role Model for his Caregiver Canines brethren, and for all therapy dogs.  Diego resides in Point Pleasant with his Mom and Dad, his sister and fellow therapy dog, Dulcie, and his feline brother, Noel. 

Diego’s favorite pastimes include beach combing, chasing squirrels, and, of course, snoozing. But the avocation that is most important to Diego is his therapy dog work with Caregiver Canines.  Diego and his sister Dulcie were among the very first Caregiver Canines, and they continue their Caregiver Canines therapy dog work today visiting with their favorite neighbor, Addie, who is 94 years old and still living independently.  Diego is now proven and ready to take on his next role as Toms River Pet Mayor…he hopes he can count on your vote…every day!

Diego is truly “A Therapy Dog You Can Believe In!”  He is a proven leader who believes that Senior & Therapy Dogs are “Stronger Together”!

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