Vote Mugsy, Paws For Peace!

Mugsy is a sweet, classic tuxedo, Boston Terrier who is ready to bring peace to the lands with his diplomatic ways.  He joined his family in 2011 when his sister got him as a gift for their dad who was recovering from open heart surgery.  Mugsy's family knew he would make a great therapy dog after taking such good care of his dad.  He has been a Caregiver Canine for a few years and has helped out at many public events.

Mugsy is fond of long walks in his neighborhood where he eagerly greets friends.  He is always ready to extend a paw to all dogs.  He also likes playing with his ball and hanging out with his family.  If elected you can count on Mugsy to faithfully serve our community to the best of his ability.   Mugsy promises to strive for harmony between all dogs and people.

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