Ruby wants Free Beach Access for all Well Behaved Dogs!     Vote Ruby!!

Ruby is a Newfoundland with a heart full of love. She came to her family as a puppy from Virginia three years ago.  Her official name is Old Bay’s Ruby Relax n with Ohana.  The most wonderful breeder, Cindy Flowers, chose Ruby's family. Her family fell in love and she has been taking such good care of them.

 Ruby is also a show ring champion. Her favorite activity is running on the beach after her tennis ball. A few little swims in the ocean and then stares at you until you throw the ball again. While she is not crazy about the waves, she does love the water like all Newfies do. She has taken some agility classes and did enjoy them. Ruby is looking forward to getting a  cart and starting draft work. She has the harness now and pulls around a water bottle.  Soon to be replaced with  a wagon to pull the grandchildren.

  She became a therapy dog with Bright N Beautiful two years ago. The children at the local libraries enjoy reading to her while they gain confidence in reading. Nursing homes, special events, wherever and whenever its time to go to work, she is ready.

Her campaign slogan, because she knows how much all dogs love the ocean and beach, is pretty simple. “I will push to have our ocean beaches open to all nice dogs” It will be necessary to have a background check and have their masters clean up after them. Boardwalks will be open to all dogs on leashes. As long as they don’t bite or misbehave.

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