DIY Physical Exams For Your Dog

April 24, 2015

temperature dog

My dog’s veterinarian always says that nobody knows my dog better than me.  It’s true, I see my dog every day, pet him every day, notice all the little changes physically and mentally.  I have always made it a point, since Finn was a puppy to get him used to me touching him.  I check for lumps, bumps, ear junk and all that other fun bodily stuff.  I also look for changes in personality.  We have been pretty lucky, other than allergy issues Finn is a happy healthy 4 year old!  But here is my question, do you know what is normal for your dog?  Do you check your dog daily, weekly for any changes?  Do you know what to look for to determine if your dog needs the care of a veterinarian?

I came across this 4 part story on The Bark website about DIY physical exams on your dog.

It is written by a veterinarian and has some really good tips on what to look for on your dog to see if they are showing any signs of illness.  It even tells you how to take your dog’s temperature!  Let me tell you, I am NOT going there with my dog!!!!  There are so many things to look for all over your dog’s body; chest, fur, eyes, ears, legs, paws.  It can be daunting but I believe it is better to check than to let let something slip by that can be damaging or even fatal to your dog.

So, check it out when you have a minute, perhaps you will gain some insight on your dog’s well-being and health!


Tail wags,