Earl’s Point of View

Oh Hi, Earl here, therapy dog extraordinaire!  Today is THE day!!  I get to go and see Carolyn . She is my special lady I visit.  I am a Caregiver Canine®, jealous? You should be, I wear a vest and go to work with my Dad and get lots of kisses and belly rubs.  KEYS, LEASH, TREAT BAG! YES, Let’s go dad!  Into the Earlmobile.  Music is playing, fresh air making my ears fly.  This is awesome, dum de dum de dum.  No Dad!  Make a left, a LEFT, oh wait, that was a left.  I have a problem with directions sometimes.

Ok, my super duper nose senses are tingling, we are close.  There it is, Carolyn’s house!!  Let’s go Dad!  Wait… I have to pee first and let all the other dogs know that this is my territory.  Mission accomplished! C’mon dad, up the steep driveway.  I am so excited! Halt! I have to be patient, Carolyn is 89 and I don’t want to knock her down.  Patience, Earl, Patience… There she is… Hi Carolyn, I Love you!!  Oh yeah, she knows the spot, right behind the ears.  Carolyn has lots of health problems and gets very lonely.  She misses the dogs she used to have.  I get the privilege of cheering her up! This therapy dog job is the bomb diggity!!

Here come the treats, yum-o!!  Yes Carolyn, I AM a good boy and handsome too! Ok, I’ll let you pet my belly, this is torture! Dad and Carolyn are talking, I am going to lay down and listen. We are going to be here a little while longer so thanks for coming along.  This is Caregiver Canine® Earl signing off… got to go Carolyn needs me! Super Earl to the rescue!