voteCaregiver Canines Pet Mayor of Toms River Election

Welcome to the 2016 Pet Mayor of Toms River Election!  This year we have some outstanding candidates that are ready and willing to uphold the laws of people and dogs alike.  Caregiver Canines is a Visiting Therapy Dog Program located in Toms River, NJ.  We bring therapy dogs to visit home bound senior citizens in the comfort of their homes.  Many of the senior citizens have had dogs in the past and are no longer able to care for a pet physically or financially.  The visits from our therapy dogs are often the brightest part of their lonely week.  Our volunteer handlers, the dogs and the person they visit often form strong bonds of friendship that last for many years.

We hope you will vote for your favorite candidate and pass the news on to your friends and family so they can vote too!  You may vote once a day.  The election runs until Friday, November 4th.  The winner will be announced on Monday, November 5th.  If you would like to give extra support to your favorite candidate you can click on the “Donate” button.  For every $10 donated the candidate will receive 10 extra votes.

Contest Ended



Vote Mugsy, Paws For Peace!

Mugsy is a sweet, classic tuxedo, Boston Terrier who is ready to bring peace to the lands with his diplomatic ways.  He joined his family in 2011 when his sister got him as a gift


Ruby wants Free Beach Access for all Well Behaved Dogs!     Vote Ruby!!

Ruby is a Newfoundland with a heart full of love. She came to her family as a puppy from Virginia three years ago.  Her official name is Old


Vote Opal, she won’t sling mud but she will play in it!!

Opal is a 6 year old Double-Doodle.  She was rescued from friends of the family.  Every year Opal and her family have a huge party to celebrate her


Your friend, your partner, your defender, YOUR DOG.          Vote Bitsy!

Bitsy is 6 1/2 years old and is primarily a mix of yellow lab and basset hound.  Bitsy is a rescue dog. She was rescued from a North Carolina Shelter


Vote Diego, A Therapy Dog You Can Believe In!!

Diego is a Southern Gentleman, his ancestors hailing from the bayous of Alabama, whose parents were of Coonhound and Spaniel lineage.  Diego was born in a rural animal shelter where his