Words To Live By: Part 2: Affection

Webster’s Dictionary defines affection as a “feeling of liking and caring for someone or something”.  We all feel affection for something.  Whether it be your family, friends, spouse, car, phone, etc.  Affection is a feel good emotion.  It makes you happy.  In my opinion, dogs have mastered the word in the best possible way.  Dogs are affection gurus.

The above is so true.  Dogs don’t ask for much.  Just some food, water, a walk once in a while and affection.  Did you know that receiving affection from a dog can lower your blood pressure and heart rate?  It can, we’ve done a study!  Did you know that petting a dog can release endorphins, which are your feel good emotions?  It can, other people have done studies.  How many videos do you see of people rolling around in a pile of puppies, or giant dogs sitting on their owners’ laps?  Do you see how happy these people are?  Dogs really don’t care if you want to be affectionate or not.  They just barge right in there and say “Hey, you’re gonna love me and you’re gonna like it.”

Listen, I don’t need to write a long drawn out post about dogs and affection.  Unless you have been living in a test tube you know that dogs love people and people love dogs.  It is just that simple.

So, in conclusion, do as dog does…  get out there and shower someone with affection, just no licking!

Have a tail wagging day!