Words to Live By: Part 3: Comfort

Everyone needs to be comforted at some point in their lives.  For some of us the best comfort can come from a dog.  I know for me there really is no better comfort than the love and companionship of my dog.  For the people we visit at Caregiver Canines the role of a dog in their lives is something that is deeply missed.  The feel of a warm head on your lap when your day has gone wrong is a source of relaxation and comfort for many seniors in our communities.  That dog may be the only contact they have with another living being that day.  For those senior owners, when that dog’s time has come to cross the rainbow bridge, there probably won’t be a replacement.  Our clients are not physically or financially able to care for another pet.  They can’t take those daily walks, they don’t have a car to take the dog to the vet, and they don’t have the money for dog food.

This loss can lead to depression and loneliness.  Our Caregiver Canines are there to allay those feelings and put smiles back on our clients’ faces.  They don’t mind that you had a bad day or that your hair isn’t just right.  You can tell them your secrets and they won’t tell anyone what they heard.  There is no judgement.

Everybody has that special something or someone that is a comfort to them.  Maybe it is a certain song, or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, or a best girlfriend.  For us dog lovers it is our best four legged friend.  The ultimate source of unconditional love and the ultimate form of comfort.