Words To Live By: Part4: Joy

So I have now reached the last part of my series on “Words To Live By”.  By far this has to be the easiest one to write about.  But really no words express the joy of the Caregiver Canines program as well as pictures of our matches.  After the therapy dog has connected with their client, showered them with affection and comforted them in their time of need comes the JOY!!  The joy of the client knowing they have a new friend who will faithfully visit them.  The joy of the therapy dog knowing that they are going to work but it really never feels like work.  Finally the joy the volunteer handler feels knowing that their dog is making someone else’s life a little better.  That is the whole emphasis of our program.  Connection, Affection, Comfort and Joy.  So please enjoy the pictures and share them with someone that could use a little joy today.

Have a tail wagging day!!